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Control Freak Christianity

Jan 23, 2021

Previous guests, Bethany and Adia, return to talk about the cost they had to pay to publically share their stories. All of us benefitted from each of their first visits with co-hosts Joe and Rachel, but few know how much hardship those interviews brought them. From being attacked by people who didn't like what they...

Jan 16, 2021

A shallow understanding of suffering can easily lead to trite Christian sayings or quoting a Bible verse without compassion. Joe and Rachel discuss the heart of God, our need for comfort, and how we should seek to comfort others in their suffering. 

Jan 9, 2021

Abusers are not the only ones to blame for cultures of abuse. The enablers, those who stand by and don't resist abuse, bear culpability as well. Joe and Rachel touch on the biblical theology of Justice, discuss how we have all fallen short in acting justly, and give examples of how passivity against abusers hurts...