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Control Freak Christianity

Aug 29, 2020

Gospel + Safety + Time has been a helpful formulation for how a healthy Gospel culture should work and function. Join Rachel and Joe's conversation not just articulating the Gospel but living it out in a healthy and helpful way.

Aug 22, 2020

In communities with strict gender roles, men are given near ultimate power over others. Yet women often end up the ones that initially drive families into these cultures and often end up quietly controlling families and churches. Joe and Rachel discuss observing this and why this is such a factor in...

Aug 8, 2020

Many have gone through a deconstruction of faith that leaves them going to the world to define their Christianity, or they leave Christianity altogether. Rachel and Joe discuss their own deconstruction and how they came out closer to Jesus on the other side. 

Aug 1, 2020

Sometimes we are helped by people out of an abusive situation, only to be dragged by those very same people into a different abusive situation. Rachel and Joe discuss the complicated nature of abuse and give some thoughts on how to navigate difficult situations.