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Control Freak Christianity

Apr 25, 2020

We want to live in peace with others. Sometimes, unhealthy people will create a type of false peace that ends up controlling or manipulating us. To be free would be to break the "peace" they have created. Joe and Rachel discuss how to break false peace in order to create true peace.

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Apr 18, 2020

Courtship is a common method in Authoritarian Fundamentalism to replace dating. Rachel and Joe discuss their own experiences and go through ten ways they've seen courtships go wrong. 

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Apr 11, 2020

When a person is being dominated, ruled or controlled by another why does it cause so much damage? Control isn't just about who gets their way, it's about the value of a human being and God's design. 

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Apr 4, 2020

Cheapness is not often talked about. But cheap parents can unintentionally lie about the character of God, teach us to view God and ourselves wrongly, and destroy the generous attitude God designed us to have. Joe and Rachel discuss their own experiences with cheapness and how God's grace, most clearly seen in the...